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Cylinder head intake bolts.  M6 x 20 1.00 pitch  Used for bolting our carb adaptor to the cylinder head.

Cylinder head exhaust bolts.  M8 x 25 1.25 pitch  Used for bolting a header to the engine.

Output shaft bolt.  5/16"-24 x 3/4" fine thread  Used to secure the clutch on the crank.

Chain guard bolts.  5/16"-24 x 3/4" fine thread  Used to bolt chain guard to engine.  We have found that some engines use M8 x 20 1.25 pitch  bolts for the chain guard.

Bolt sizes will vary between Honda's and the different clones available.  Use this information as a guide only.



Our bolt kit & bolt/stud kit do not include the bolts above.